SysAdmin for Debian Linux network

Job description

We have an exciting SysAdmin position available in a successful email service provider (ESP) SaaS business. The job is designed for someone located in a European timezone.

Job activities:

Investigating and fixing alerts that occur within our network, spanning multiple countries and 80+ servers, including servers hosted at cloud hosting facilities such as Linode, as well as bare-metal servers colocated at Deft (formerly called ServerCentral, in both the US and EU).

Managing our server infrastucture, monitoring for bottlenecks such as underpowered or misconfigured servers.

Recommending and requisitioning new hardware to be setup remotely when required, or recommending new cloud servers be created at Linode.

Managing load balancing of our servers to ensure individual servers don't become overwhelmed. This will involve learning how our email routing works.

Managing backups and ensuring they are in a usable state if required.

Job requirements

A deep understanding of Debian linux server administration e.g. process management, setting up SSH, kernel management, etc.

An excellent bash shell scripting ability.

An excellent networking ability, including DNS configuration, IP address management, and routing.

Good knowledge of Postgresql databases.

Good knowledge of how email works, including MX server configuration, DKIM and SPF.

Some knowledge of Exim configuration would be an advantage.

Experience using version control systems such as Github.

Experience setting up new hardware.

The ability to liaise between diverse stakeholders within tech support, development and management teams, to negotiate best practicable outcomes with available resources.

Excellent written English communication skills.